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  • Andreas Schallwig

    Andreas Schallwig

    Co-founder of multiple IT start-ups, passionate about blinking stuff, computers and cooking. Currently working as Technical Director at mediaman in Shanghai.

  • Moez Ali

    Moez Ali

    Data Scientist, Founder & Author of PyCaret

  • Victor Dibia

    Victor Dibia

    HCI/Applied AI Researcher with interests in usable AI. ML Researcher at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, Google Dev Expert for ML. Future posts on victordibia.com

  • Arden Dertat

    Arden Dertat

    ML Engineer @ Netflix. Photography and travel enthusiast.

  • Rulian Estivalletti

    Rulian Estivalletti

    Currently working on aboutmomentum.com. Have a lot of of opinions on dating, love and relationships, and not all of them are good.

  • Assaad MOAWAD

    Assaad MOAWAD

    Interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, data science, blockchain, technology, astronomy. Co-founder of Datathings, Luxembourg

  • Aditya Ananthram

    Aditya Ananthram

    Engineer, AI enthusiast || we’re stardust on a pale blue dot

  • Renu Khandelwal

    Renu Khandelwal

    Loves learning, sharing, and discovering myself. Passionate about Machine Learning and Deep Learning

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